Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love of Preemie Babies

Loving preemies started for me when I had my own, not one, but two. Yes, a set of twins coming in at just a few ounces over 2 lbs. I had never seen or even thought about a human baby being so tiny.

Here they are at about 14 days old, they decided to put them in the same little home. The nurses found twin preemies often do better when nested together.
The sounds in the neo-natal were everywhere, babies sounding like a tiny toy mouse squeaking, alarms going off when a little one needed attention. The smallest little babies I had ever seen fighting for every moment and every parent feeling the worst, so helpless, unable to do what is natural, protect there child.

I look at this sometimes and can't believe or even wrap my mind around the size of there feet being no bigger than my thumb.
I admire the people who chose to do this job, I can't imagine the pain they feel with every loss. I did see the smiles when babies did a step down in to the next room, preparing to gain enough weight to go home. You could see the joy in every ones face.

Going home without your baby is not an easy task nor one that makes any sense to the mother. This is something so hard to imagine and even harder to do.

I knew my two were coming home when they made it in to the step down unit beginning to gain more and more weight. This too is were they teach a parent to care for this tiny human. They explained that when they rounded out at a little over 4 lbs we could prepare to take them home. Being winter I had no idea were to find anything small enough or for that warm enough to keep them out harms way.

So I went home bought some yarn and began to crochet. Both had there own little cozy one was white, the other was cream. I still have them to this day stored with all there other neo-natal treasured items.

God Bless all the little ones who are currently fighting for every moment and the ones who may enter the
neo-natal center. Our prayers are with you and your new one.

I am currently knitting preemie jester hats made using Sidar Snuggly Dk Yarn
in colors, blue, pink, and soft green. This yarn is so soft against the skin it's amazing.

Some personalized with babies name knitted in to the hat.

Be sure to follow my blog I will post how they are coming along. Thank you for visiting, Dani

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