Thursday, June 16, 2011

Its Been Awhile I Know

Although we often think we control our own life until life itself comes along and WaLLa!! you're off doing another task. One that is unexpected and often not even wanted, but, we go along anyway because it's out of our control.

I am back on the track now and having a most wonderful time exploring the world around me. I will continue writing my story at some point, however right now, I'd rather just enjoy my explorations.

Much like this robin who returns from a long winter vacation to let us know times are changing, the world around us is about to renew herself again. Don't you just love spring, the fresh smell of cut grass, that yellow ball in the sky called the sun... shinning on your face and lighting up the world around you, through that beautiful blue sky?

And, the freedom to let your feet out of there shoes to just dangle in the air feeling the breeze, as you wiggle your toes?

 In every season of change I am always in aw....even though it happens time and time again, year after year, I can't help but stand in Aw!

I am spending my time rebirthing from the long winter season, inhaling everything I see and taking tons of pictures. How have you been spending spring?