About Me

Outside of having two working parents, I pretty much learned everything I know through experience. I look back and find I am very grateful to have had parents that knew mistakes were a part of living, it's when we learned the most.
I can not say it was always easy learning in such a manner. It was most defiantly a bizarre adventure.

Learning life without much guidance when both parents work can be more difficult they most know, communication lacks and you grow up mostly on your own by reading, watching and listing to others.

In my teens I began sewing it was my first test in creating. I made most of my own clothing and wore them everywhere. I knew then I had at least one talent. I kept sewing clothing, then moved to dolls of all sorts selling a few here and there.

In my late 20's I picked up a graphite pencil and began drawing a portrait of a celebrity. I was amazed at what I had accomplished and continued doing portraits for many years, also selling here and there. I was and still am totally in love with black and white sketches along with photographs. Was featured in our local paper full cover second page for my portraits twice.

I am a self taught artist of sketching, sewing, sculpting with paper mache, and, have done some oil paintings. My mom taught me to crochet, I taught myself to knit and still continue learning today. I do so enjoy knitting more than crochet.  I find for me knitting to be a work of art and crocheting a relaxing medium.

One of my many goals as far as my many talents, is to learn to work with metal clay and hopefully someday learn to sculpt a bust, of who, I have not yet decided.

My goals personally, to become the best I can be by learning through life everyday. Words and learning anything about myself and this life that surrounds me, is by far, my best works of all.

As for the outdoors my skill remains in gardening taking walks in the wilderness, taking many photographs along the way it is my spring to fall passion. There is something so very magical about walking in the open wilderness, planting a garden in the ground, using the earth as a growing medium.  It's a most wonderful feeling to which I look forward to every year.

Creating is a part of who we are, whether through cooking,
cleaning, child rearing,
sewing, drawing, driving, listening, reading, speaking, etc.
 We are all talented in our own unique ways.
No one is without a talent
it lives in us all.

Now fly away sweet reader, off to another section of my blog to be inspired by something I may have created, which leads you in another direction. Enjoy! Dani